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Source Rules - What's Required to Become A Source


The wiki contains information about sources that post here and information for people new to the board. We encourage our members to look over this information before making their first purchase. Also, if you are new to steroids in general, we ask that you head over to /r/Steroids (where source talk is not allowed) and take advantage of their great resources BEFORE using our board. Please come back when you are sure you have no questions about the use or effects of these products.

Please note that NONE of this information should be construed as the mods vouching for a specific source. The moderators will never vouch for the quality/reliability/trustworthiness/etc of any source. We merely provide you with the environment and resources to make these determinations yourself.

Please note that NONE of this information should be construed as the mods vouching for a specific source. The moderators will never vouch for the quality/reliability/trustworthiness/etc of any source. We merely provide you with the environment and resources to make these determinations yourself.

How to buy and use Bitcoin
OPSEC & Personal Security for Users & Sources
How Not To Fuck Up Ordering From A Source

Source Lists

This section is comprised of three lists. The first list is unverified sources; these sources are new to the board and the quality of their product is unknown. The next list is verified sources, who are legitimate/reputable sources as determined by the community. The other list is "the shit list".
The lists will be based upon the evidence collected on source talk discussion.

Sources by Verification status
Verified Sources (and sources where Verification is not applicable)
Unverified Sources
Sources by Location
US Domestic
CA Domestic
UK & EU Domestic
AUS/NZ Domestic

Raw Powder Provider Contact Info
Medical Supplies and Equipment


Posting Format

Read the damn posting format.

THERE ARE ONLY THREE TAGS THAT MEMBERS MAY USE. If you try to circumvent the tag system, you will be banned: [Review], [Source Question], and [Testing Raws]

If you are submitting a review, use [Review] in the title. Bloodwork is required. Please include the relevant value of the test (i.e. test level) and ester in the title in addition to the source. Non-blood reviews belong in the anecdotal thread.

If you have a question about whether a source is MIA, if you have a missing pack and a source is unresponsive via email and you're not worried enough to contact the mods but you want to see if other users are having similar issues, use [Source Question]. If you use this tag to ask a dumb question that can be answered by looking at the Source's last post or wiki, you will be banned.

If you are talking about the raws being tested use [Testing Raws]

How Verification Works

Verification of sources will work as follows: All verification must be done via a long standing member of this community or the other steroid sub. Bloodwork provided to the sub will verify a source so long as the thread is not deleted and can be linked to in the future for newcomers to be able to see first hand that the source did have bloods posted. Deleted threads don't do any good if they can't be found later. Labmax results must be posted with pictures so that they can be verified. Just saying that you did a labmax and it passed can in no way be used to verify a source. Mass Spec with pdf print out posted to this sub so that they can be independently cross checked by members here. No verification will be accepted from relatively new accounts, from sources, or from accounts that only post in those threads by sources they are attempting to verify, so if all you do is post on source A and say how great source A is, you will not be considered a reliable account to verify source A.

In regards to giveaways, users should be wary of gear given to them specifically for testing. An eager source may want to become verified as quickly as possible, and that's okay. But it is entirely possible a source has given you gear that is properly/over-dosed, while selling everyone else bunk product. Any verification that was done with free gear will be looked at with scrutiny.

Bloodwork Review Format

Reviews that do not conform to this format and contain all of the relevant information pursuant to the guidelines listed below will be ignored. Users who continually tag a mod in non-conforming bloodwork (i.e. more than once) will receive a ban of varying length depending on the level of idiocy.

Copy everything in the text box.

The results should look like this.

Blood Work Review
Link to blood work : // Imgur Link to bloods //
Source : // text //
Running testosterone : // yes/no //
Ester : // text //
Weekly dosage : // text //
Product(s) run other than test : // text //
Weekly dosage(s) : // text //
Number of weeks run : // text //
Draw time after last pin : // text //
Blood Results
Test reading in ng/dL : // text //
Test multiplier : // text //
Capped at >1500 : // yes/no //
E2 reading : // text //
Liver/lipids elevated : // text //


* I am small
* I don't even lift
* Why is my blood the consistency of yogurt? Pls halp

Guidelines for Bloodwork Needed for Verification

  • Account posting the bloods needs to be >3 months old and active in the community. No exceptions.
  • Bloodwork posted needs to be less than a month old. Any longer and it will not be counted, but will only add to the community knowledge base.

Time for blood to be drawn:

Test P & A 12-24 hours after last pin. You need to not have been on any long esters for 3 weeks beforehand and you need to have been on Test P/A for minimum 3 weeks.
Test E 36-48 hours after last pin. You need to be on for at least 5 weeks.
Test C 48-60 hours after last pin. You need to be on for at least 5 weeks. Test U 7-10 days after last pin. Right before your weekly pin is acceptable (~7 days since last pin) if you are pinning Test U on a weekly basis. The half life is 33.9 +/- 4.9 days if in castor oil preparation. You need to be on for at least 15 weeks.
Growth Hormone : 10iu's needs to be pinned IM 3 hours before blood draw.

Test needs to show EXACT total testosterone detected, not >1500. If a user is running a gram and it turns up 7,000 testosterone or 1,501 the results will be exactly the same and useless for determining the quality of the product. If a user is on a cruise dose (i.e. <=150mg/wk) and a capped test is able to show beyond a reasonable doubt that the testosterone is good, the mods may or may not count it at their discretion. Height, weight, age, and gender should really be included with the results but are not necessarily required to count as verification. If these guidelines are not followed, the bloodwork cannot be used for verification. Users may view the bloodwork however they see fit but the moderators will not verify the source.

Provided the bloods were drawn according to the timetable above, the test multiplier (test levels in ng/dl divided by weekly dose of test in mg) needs to be above 4.3x to count as good bloodwork. Test multipliers below 4x will be counted as bad bloodwork. Test levels between 4x and 4.3x will be omitted as they are in the category of being either a possibly poor responder or underdosed/impure test with no good way to tell which is which. Prior bloodwork may be taken into account (i.e. if a user has gotten bloodwork 5 times and consistently converts at a 4x multiplier from pharma test and various SST sources' test, then this will not be counted as bad bloodwork) at the discretion of the mods.

A ratio of 3:1 of good:bad bloods is required to be maintained to achieve and hold onto "verified" status. Bloodwork must meet the guidelines detailed herein to a T (get it? dat pun) to count towards verification.

Tren that shows e2 that is clearly (>200) out of range on a Roche ECLIA test may also be counted at the mods discretion.

Sources will be granted +1/-1 flair for qualifying bloodwork up to +10, after which flair updates will be provided in increments of 10 (i.e. >+10, >+20).

Special cases: AUS bloods are typically capped by nature and will be considered with this in mind.


As rule 2 states, shilling will result in a ban. This is at the discretion of the moderator team. This will not only result in the banning of the shill, but also the source they are shilling for. Sources, this means that if you see someone pushing your line very hard, you should make a public attempt to temper their enthusiasm. That means that if we see an account pushing nothing but source A in every thread and saying how great it is, we will take that as you being on source A's pay role and ban you and black list the source. Maybe this seems heavy handed, but we really don't care. This sub was created to help people talk about sources and to review them. It was not created for the purpose of helping sources make money. Pushing members in the direction of a particular source is discouraged and will not be tolerated. That also means trying to dissuade members from a particular source as well, or in other words, trying to sabotage a source. If that happens the offending account will be banned.

Purchasing Guidelines

Under Construction

Word of Warning

If you see that a source is having sales all the time stop and think for a second. How can a business thrive if it is constantly undercutting themselves out of a profit? Are they just trying to establish their name and win new customers or are they trying to make as many quick sells and take off with as much money as possible? Also remember the type of business these guys and yourself are engaged in, it isn't exactly legal everywhere and that leads to unscrupulous individuals taking advantage of naive people. It's never a bad thing to ask for more information about a business before you send them money, maybe you want pictures of lab settings, pictures of product ready to ship, or maybe you want to see some test results. Most honest businesses will happily oblige at least some of these requests. And never forget, you should never spend more than you are prepared to lose on a new source, no matter how much other people rant and rave about how great they are.
Vanilla Reload Cards

Fucking use bitcoin.

Users are advised to be wary of sources that use vanilla reload cards for payment. Vanilla reload cards are not a very safe form of payment for sources, as they can be traced back to the source. LE can simply send a source one of these cards and wait to see where it was used. So if you see a somebody claiming to be a source using these cards, ask yourself this "Why would this source willingly put themselves at risk?" After all, LE isn't going to hunt down somebody that isn't even selling drugs.

How To Not Fuck Up Using Western Union/Moneygram, ect.

I didn't think I would need to put something like this up, but according to THIS thread, common sense is demonstrated again as not being so common. So without further ado here are some guidelines:

Do not under any circumstances allude to any sort of product purchase when sending payment via Western Union nor Money Gram. NONE. Not even, "oh I'm buying cake". You are not BUYING a fucking thing, you're helping out a crippled kid with knobbed knees and no ID who needs surgery. Fucking come on guys.

Don't use a fake or assumed name on the money form. If shit goes wrong (your error, clerk error) you just lost your money and you are not getting it back. Also, fake names come with way heavier charges than buying drugs when you start sending money through wire. Wire fraud anyone? Money laundering anyone?

Make certain that the clerk enters everything correctly. If you are asked to opt out of ID and instead use a test question, then triple check that the clerk did it properly. You don't need to be rude, but gently remind them that your cousin lost his licence and won't be able to receive if they don't opt out of ID.

Don't act fucking fishy. You are involved in an illegal transaction but you can still be a human and speak to the clerk about their day, about why they lock up infant formula behind the counter, about the fucking weather. Act natural and human. It makes things go better and doesn't make the clerk feel like picking up the phone and reporting you after you leave.


A Special Note On Research Chemical Companies

RC companies are inherently hit or miss. They are sometimes great and at other times complete bunk. There are a plethora of mixed reviews on this sub for all the research companies that you can imagine, from board sponsor RC companies like RUI to companies like Madison James Research. Sometimes a person is extremely happy with their products, and sometimes a person relies on them for AI or whatnot and winds up with gyno. Because of this instability in the RC market, no one on the moderator team feels that you should rely on them for important chemicals and you should instead seek out pharma grade usp, generics, or at least UGL meds. I personally, /u/the_Iibrarian, feel like you would be better served by seeking out your meds on ADC or clearsky, but that's just my opinion. As such, inquiries as per the legitimacy of these RC sites, such as "is (insert your favourite RC site here)'s adex/asin/clen/nolva/clomid/whatthefuckever g2g?", the answer should always be "no, use it at your own risk", and the inquiring party should be directed here to the wiki.

AutoModerator Thread Posting Schedule

Here is where you can find info on when AutoModerator will post one of the daily threads, along with relevant info.

Working towards new AutoMod/AutoPost system


Some common abbreviations you may see are listed below:
Still VERY MUCH under construction
T/A = Turn-around. The amount of time it take from you paying for product to you receiving the product.

CD = Controlled Delivery You don't see this often, but it did come up. What this is, is when your package has been found to be drugs and the LE get involved. They will send out a carrier to have you sign for the pack and then slap the handcuffs on you. This doesn't happen very often in our line of dealings, but it does happen. If you have a package coming and you know that it's not something that needs a signature, do not sign for it. If it is a package that does need a signature but it showed up at your local post and sat there for a couple of days before being sent out for delivery, follow your instinct. If that happens often it's probably fine but if that has never happened maybe it's best to claim ignorance of the package. (more to come as I see them)