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  Halo experience.
Posted by: BattleWalrus - 18 minutes ago - Forum: Dumb Questions - No Replies

Was thinking about potentially running halotestin on my next cycle. Been reading into it and it has, at best, fairly mixed reviews.
Any folks here run it? Thoughts on it?

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  Bluesky peptide T3 vs Pharma T3 from Fusianpharma
Posted by: scrapiron__ - 24 minutes ago - Forum: Anecdotal Reviews - No Replies

I bought two bottles of T3 from Bluesky thinking I wouldn't have to buy that shit for a long time. I started using it at 1/2mL (50mcg) in the morning. After a couple weeks I didn't "feel" anything, nothing bad, nothing good, nothing. So I doubled the dose to include one at night. Still nothing.

I dropped it once my Pharma T3 from Fusian came in. I took one 25mcg in the morning and within about an hour or two my hands were sweaty as FUCK and my heart rate had gone up noticeably, heart palpitations etc. I can barely get a pump and the scale is dropping faster than normal.

Stick to pharma, its not even expensive at all and in my experience, most of these research chem websites have been complete garbage each time I've used them.

Posted a review of their product on their site a couple weeks ago. It is nowhere to be found. Big surprise.

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  Swole HGH bros
Posted by: Cpizzle11 - 7 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Wanted to start a thread on HGH since it seems appealing, our sources carry it and it comes up often with many of questions.
This post is “ONLY” for “EXPERIENCED” users;
Please don’t reply with your opinions or what you read, what your buddy or your uncle did, etc... Sources and mods please chime in with your personal experiences as well.

Looking for differences in generic vs pharmaceutical? How long for results and what they were, dosage, etc.. any input to help those out interested in running HGH would be greatly appreciated!
Looks like 5 to 10 ius a day seems to be a pretty common dosage. Other than good sleep and fat loss what are you guys gaining?

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  Whatman syring filters
Posted by: hockeyguy77 - 8 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

So I've come to realize (after ordering) Whatman has whats considered a pre-filter. Looks to me just like the other ones I use to use for brewing. So since I ordered these "Whatman Puradisc 25mm Nylon Membrane 0.2µm Pore Size" should I really not use these to filet me test C?


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  Dark Matter Labs T/A
Posted by: JGritzy86 - Today, 02:22 AM - Forum: T/A Reviews - No Replies

Crazy fast T/A... Ordered Tuesday and my pack was here Thursday. 2 days!!!! Doesn't get any faster than that.

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Posted by: greendragon - Today, 02:13 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (9)

I have found it quite difficult to find any resources as to how enhanced training should differ from natty training. Did you guys use more/less volume when you became enhanced? DId you start training body parts more often? Just wanted to start a conversation on this.

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  Npp brewing
Posted by: Beetlejuice - Yesterday, 11:24 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Anyone have experience brewing npp in higher dosages? 150 - 200mg? Want to minimize the amount of oil I have to pin

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  Diff between TestE dosages
Posted by: c_note_nc - Yesterday, 10:08 PM - Forum: Dumb Questions - Replies (4)

How much difference, if any, would there be between taking 250mg TestE E3.5D vs 240mg E3D? Every TestE cycle I've ran before my current one I've used TestE250 and always ran 500mg/wk and have my e2/ai dialed in perfect, but this cycle I had to get TestE300 and I'm running it 240mgE3D and I'm having to take a bit more ai than I normally do with 500/wk.. I'm right now finishing up my 4th week and plan to get bloodwork in a week or so to see exactly where I'm at but I'm just wondering how much difference these two dosages are from one another if any. I really thought it would be pretty much equal.

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  Time off between orals
Posted by: RipRich69 - Yesterday, 09:34 PM - Forum: Dumb Questions - Replies (3)

Current blast is 1g test e for the next 15ish weeks. I purchased raws for adrol which is my go-to oral for meet prep as well as superdrol to see what the hype is about. My question is with the 12 weeks remaining, if I were to run 15-20mg superdrol for three weeks then take three weeks off and start running adrol when I am 4 weeks out will I fuck myself in the ass and or liver? I have some big goals in mind and wanna push my body so it hates me even more than it already does. TUDCA will obviously be present.

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  Titansource HCG
Posted by: Salvarad831 - Yesterday, 09:12 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Ok, first question:

I purchased HCG from Titansource in May 2017, its been stored in a cool/dry place in a black baggie, away from sunlight. Is it potentially useable?

question 2:

If it is useable, anyone recall the vial details? It has a blue top. Anyone potentially have a price list for Titansource gear?

I initially decided I didn't need HCG, as ball shrinkeage wasn't bothering me, but Id like to try it now and see if there is a difference in how quickly I recover after my PCT, and Id like to see my boys full the entire length of my cycle.

Thanks guys!

I forgot to mention, and maybe its obvious, but it has never been reconstituted.

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