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  Quick solutions for appetite issues on cycle
Posted by: ForgotMuhName - 1 hour ago - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

So because this gets brought up at least once a week in a new thread on this forum, here's quick solutions from myself and four guys I lift with from different lifting backgrounds:

1) Method I use, which I learned from a Stan Efferding video. When you know you'll have a meal coming up in a bit but don't know if you'll be able to stomach it or just genuinely do not feel hungry yet, eat one Doritos or other potato chip. JUST ONE. Put the chips away and you will definitely be craving food when it's meal time. One chip will not offset your diet plan and it will make you so damn hungry. Just don't binge on the chips instead of the meal.

2) Change your diet. We know that macronutrients can come from so many different sources, so if it's hard for you to stomach another meal of the same reheated slop then change it up. There is nothing wrong with finding a different diet plan than the basic chicken, rice, veggies concept. Pick the foods that YOU WILL ACTUALLY ENJOY EATING and DON'T BE AFRAID TO CHANGE THE FOODS ANYTIME!

3) Not as much a food fix as it is a mindset change: Identify which compounds influence your appetite in which direction (Some make you hungrier, others kill appetite) and simply avoid the appetite killers while bulking altogether and stick with the appetite killers while cutting. May not be what some people want to hear, but definitely worth thinking about. Note that you can build the same physique and lifts on more or less any set of compounds, and a shit load of guys build great bodies or hit big PRs on just some Test.

4) Be more active during the day. Try to do less sitting around, more moving around. The body isn't going to be craving a big meal every few hours if all it's done before that meal is sit around sedentary and burn barely any calories. Not applicable to everyone of course, but if you can find ways to be even a little more active then it'll all add up.

5) Get rid of all other appetite suppressants in your life. In our modern age, it's very easy to consume hundreds and hundreds of mgs of caffeine (suppressant) and if you're banging an energy drink and half a pot of coffee every day it's very easy to run on no food and not feel any desire for food. Get your body down to a point where it doesn't even need that caffeine to run all day and it'll begin craving food like you want it to.

Hope some of this is useful to those of you struggling with your meals and weight gain. End of the day, willpower is the biggest solution to it all but these ideas may help when willpower is running a bit low. Also your organs might just be under a lot of fucking stress and the issue could be that you need some probiotics or something to balance out the stomach and liver and blah blah before someone tries to come in and make that point.

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Posted by: DYELpeduser - 3 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

im buying from an online domestic pharma which needs a perscription, can anyone send me their prescription so i can upload and order?

I will change all personal details of course if their are any

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  Express PCT domestic store
Posted by: BigDaddyV - 5 hours ago - Forum: T/A Reviews - No Replies

Got to me in 2 days. Shipping 5/5 The stealth was good. Could be better but really doesnt need to be I'd give it a 4.5/5
Great vendor

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  Stenbolone or Methystenbolone?
Posted by: ariahjay - 5 hours ago - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Any sources for either Stenbolone Acetate or Methystenbolone?

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  Express PCT - Singapore Warehouse
Posted by: Arms_Length - 9 hours ago - Forum: T/A Reviews - No Replies

I regularly order from their domestic store and they are always crazy fast. I usually receive those packages in about 3 days. This last order I bought items from their international store which for the items I bought shipped from Singapore. I was pretty surprised at how fast I received this package. It was about 7 days which is impressive for international.

Definitely best source for pharma ancillaries. Highly recommended!

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  Coming off TRT 16 months
Posted by: dexes - Yesterday, 11:50 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

I have had some recent opportunities and changes come to my life that is not conducive to me being on TRT. I plan on extensively traveling and it just isn't going to work bringing UGL. I know I could probably get a script, but this is just not a route I want to take. I had a feeling my life would change, but the ever ending quest for a killer physique led me to not come off, I also didn't want to PCT.

I'm 27 years old, went on TRT right before I turned 26. The blast before TRT was 500mg Test E and 100mg TBOL. I was on the test for 12 weeks and dropped to a cruise at 100mg. I cruised for 6 months. I have cycled a handful of times since my early 20's with a relatively easy recovery. Didn't really feel much different overall. I'd just get some acne here and there.

My Pre TRT levels were around 680 with in range E2. I had hormones done at 23 before any anabolic or SARM and I was at 563 for my T levels. I'd attribute those levels being lower at the time due to lack of sleep and a lot going on causing stress.

I did a 20 week blast recently have been cruising since November. This last blast was a little wild.

The cycle was the following
Test Cyp 400mg week 1-12
Test Cyp 750 weeks 12-20
Tren A 280mg 1-9
DHB 770mg weeks 1-16
Var 75mg 1-4
Superdrol 12mg 16-20
Aromasin 12.5mg daily basically from week 3 and on. I aromatize like crazy.
I also used HCG when I was on Tren because my nuts disappeared

I'm currently on Test Cyp 150mg and I am sitting around 1000 test levels. Today is a pin day and I'm going to drop the dose down to 50mg instead of 75mg. I feel like this will be a start. Does anyone have experience coming off like this? I know there is a search function, but I feel like this recovery will be harder due to me going a little overboard on the last blast. I put on about 35lbs and shredded a lot of fat. Walked around like a bloated bear too. Not sure if I recommend a blast like that. Definitely hard on the body.

TLDR; I need some serious advice on how to come off and I need to get this going soon.

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  ExpressPCT Great T/A
Posted by: WinnieSomeLoseSome - Yesterday, 09:56 PM - Forum: T/A Reviews - No Replies

Placed an order on Tuesday night, in my mailbox by noon on Friday.

First time using them, certainly not my last. Thanks guys!

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  Synergy Forge T/A
Posted by: fattyboydylan - Yesterday, 06:25 PM - Forum: T/A Reviews - No Replies

First time with Syn, Test Cyp and EQ ordered, very quick and easy communication, packaging is neat.

T/A was 4 business days (weekend order - arrived on the next Thursday).

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  First Cycle ever
Posted by: gator19 - Yesterday, 06:07 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Ok so I think I have everything figured out. I have a few questions that I have seen some inconsistencies with and was hoping to get a few more questions answered. I didn't put this in dumb questions because I feel like I educated myself enough (although I may have one dumb question).

I plan on getting baseline bloods next week and then during the cycle to make sure everything is going well. I have the money to do it right so don't think I am trying to cut corners in any sense just to save a few bucks only to fuck myself up.

31yrs (almost 32) 5'10, normally around 178lbs but I've been cutting down and am at 165 currently.

My plan is to go Test E ONLY for 15 weeks either 250mg or 300mg/week Monday/Thursday. I know this is lower than how a lot of people start out but have received some feedback and think starting lower isn't a bad idea and can always add later if I feel the need. Plus I am a smaller dude. Is 15 too long for a first timer?

Arimidex for AI - some inconsistencies I have found are that some people swear by taking it throughout your cycle and others have said they had it on hand for when they felt sides but never did. Others saying they started taking it once they started feeling sides. Thoughts?

Nolva on hand in case of a flare up and then used for PCT around 14-18 days following my last pin.

HCG is another area where I found some different opinions. Some say its a waste of money during the cycle, others saying they used it throughout to keep their balls. I also found where its used during that 2 week window before you start your PCT.

Finally what are the thoughts on timing both pinning and the cycle itself - I haven't really seen much on what time of day people pin their test.

This may be the dumb question I warned you about but if I were to start on Feb 3 my last pin would be May 18. To be completely honest, I want to look awesome for the summer (I am in the Northeast). I am newly single after 5-6 years of marriage. I am obviously going to continue to workout as I don't ever really take any breaks but I would rather look my best for the summer than start to lose what I have gained. Thoughts?

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  ExpressPCT - domestic 3 days T/A
Posted by: MannyMacx - Yesterday, 04:49 PM - Forum: T/A Reviews - No Replies

Ordered 1/13 arrived 1/16. Have ordered many times, always the same. They are always on top of t/a. Also really upped their packaging game holy shit! 10/10

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