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Sparta Adrol - propionate - 10-02-2019

Got a lot of Sparta Adrol. Planned on taking 100mg a day for 6 weeks. Any time I took for over 3 days in a row I would get nosebleeds that were consistent for the next few days. I tried splitting the dose up to 25mg 4x a day but that did not help

Upon cessation the nosebleeds stopped within two weeks

A bit lackluster but honest review. Sucks I still have 6 unopened packs and another spare 20 and nothing to do with them

* I will add that I only have taken the pressed tabs version of the Adrol pills. I have NOT taken any of the bone shaped Adrol

RE: Sparta Adrol - dexes - 10-02-2019

Your BP could be through the roof. Are you keeping an eye on i?

RE: Sparta Adrol - king_geno - 10-02-2019

run less anadrol!!

100mg is a hefty dose, 50 or even 25 are more than enough to see dramatic effects without a massive spike in RBC and blood pressure (which are likely what is causing the nose bleeds)