Dbol conversion

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  • What type of estrogen does dbol convert to? The masses seem to have a split opinion: 1 It’s estradiol and is a regular estrogen that can be measured or 2. It converts to methylestradiol which is an aggressive estrogen with a higher binding affinity that cannot be measure on a blood test. Thoughts and opinions based on research and first hand use please.

  • No one?

  • It aromatizes to 17a-methylestradiol. The 17th carbon is not affected by aromatization so the methyl group is retained. The Wikipedia article on dbol will tell you this as well.

    7a-methyl groups are also not affected by aromatization, which is why trestolone produces the nasty 7a-estradiol.

    Cheque drops are the worst offender because they contain both groups and aromatize to 7a,17a-dimethylestradiol. Fortunately the effective dose is so low that it ends not not being a big deal.

  • Thanks for the info man!

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