U.S. Domestic BPC-157

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  • Hello all!

    I am in need of some BPC. I am hoping to source domestically but will use X-peptides in our verified Intl list of need be.

    Anyone have a reputable vendor?

    Is evolution peptides g2g??

    Am I gonna be shit out of luck because I need BAC to mix it and apparently it’s out of stock across America?? I might need to order from intl just to get the BAC along with it?

    I have never used BPC before but have a wicked shoulder pain and I am optimistic to try it.

    Thanks ya’ll!!
    Just realized PPL ships this domestic.

    Anyone use their BPC?

  • Go with X-Peptides. Their BPC is awesome and shipping has always been fast for me. They are the only source I use for peptides and I’ve never been disappointed.

  • x2 for x-peptides. Quick shipping and great communication.

  • Thanks guys, I wasted half a day yesterday with my google-fu and on Reddit/peptides.
    Ultimately ended up ordering with X-peptides, they seem to be the most favored and although not US domestic, they did have BAC in stock.

    Communication was good, and I am really hopeful something will help with this mother fuckin shoulder injury.

    Never messed with any peptides before, fortunately never needed too.

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