Oils Without BB/BA (or very very little)

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  • So I’ve determined that my body just doesn’t like BB/BA at the ratios being used by even pharmacies. Is it at all possible or safe for me to seek out gear (and my prescriptions) with a lower % or none at all? I have zero experience with brewing or anything like that so I am totally oblivious on this topic. I would appreciate input from some of our vendors or experienced brewers who know their stuff.

    My second option is to just dilute the living fuck out of my gear, but that just makes the pin volume quite large and I would ideally like to find a more practical solution if possible.

    I sincerely appreciate any input from y’all, but please leave the comments to only those who are experienced and educated on this topic (which I am not) – I’d like to definitively know what this stuff does, if a lower ratio is safe/reasonable, or if none at all is safe/reasonable as well.


  • Minimum BA used by pharma I believe is 0.9%, BB will depend on the compound and dosage.

    Something like Test E could potentially hold at 5% BB.

    If you do have issues with BA/BB I think the easiest solution in your case is to dilute your injectables with sterile oil because the other option is brewing compounds at below standard dosage and experimenting with what holds and what doesn’t at certain ratios.

  • Benzyl alcohol is used as a bacteriostatic preservative at low concentration in intravenous medications, cosmetics, and topical drugs.

    Benzyl Benzoate is used as an excipient in some testosterone-replacement medications (like Nebido) for treating hypogonadism.[9]


    An excipient is a substance formulated alongside the active ingredient of a medication,[1] included for the purpose of long-term stabilization, bulking up solid formulations that contain potent active ingredients in small amounts (thus often referred to as “bulking agents”, “fillers”, or “diluents”), or to confer a therapeutic enhancement on the active ingredient in the final dosage form, such as facilitating drug absorption,[2][3] reducing viscosity,[4] or enhancing solubility.

    It is possible, but with low Benzyl Benzoate you’re going to have higher issues with crashing gear, I suppose you could get away with lower benzyl alcohol

    I personally use 2% benzyl alcohol and 20% benzyl benzoate with gso and I have very minimal issues. I would begin to contact sources asking for their recipes before buying from them so you can make an appropriate choice.

    Additional question: what makes you think your body is having a poor reaction to BA/BB and not the carrier oil or something else?

  • Thank you both so very much for taking the time to explain everything.

    To answer the question: If I dilute my shots it removes any pip/swelling, and the higher % gear that I have tried has always been worse by a large margin.

    Can rule out injection technique because it goes away/significantly minimizes with dilution which has no impact on how I shoot it other than making it actually more awkward since the plunger is fucking skyscraper high.

    Can rule carrier oil out because I use the same carrier oils to dilute.

    Can rule out gear quality as it happens with my TRT script from multiple commercial pharmacies and even compounding ones.

    Can rule out esters and specific drugs as I’ve tried a wide array–test E is notably the worst for some reason, but it’s also the highest concentration (300) so I assume that likely means a higher % based on the info above about an increased likelihood of crashing with lower percentages.

    I definitely don’t want to deal with gear crashing so I think continuing to dilute my shots with sterile oil is the only practical option at this point. Fucking hell

  • Anaphylaxis Triggered by Benzyl Benzoate in a Preparation of Depot Testosterone Undecanoate

    They mention skin testing to determine what specific substance causes the reaction.

  • [quote=“SouthernCompounding” pid=‘44300’]
    Trying to make sure it’s not a carrier oil allergy.

    Got a friend with the same issue, could one not literally do an allergy test for carrier oils to determine this?

  • [quote=“SouthernCompounding” pid=‘44300’ dateline=‘1552045053’]
    Maybe you’re the one who emailed me or maybe not but I am working with a customer right now with the same issue. He and I talked about some alternatives to BA - sending him two 1mL drams of our M840 and GSO Test E 250 so that he can try each and assess his reaction to them both. Trying to make sure it’s not a carrier oil allergy. If it’s not and BA or BB is the reason for his issues, I’m going to look into alternatives and see if we can come up with a Test variant for him and apparently others like him.

    Just wanted you to know you’re not the only guy out there struggling with this crap [or maybe you’re the same guy in which case you’re all alone 😞 ]

    Can confirm that is not me but it is good to know that both others are struggling like me (not that I wish it upon them lol) and that sources like yourself are working alongside them to find a potential alternative. Appreciate your input soco

    [quote=“strongr007” pid=‘44399’ dateline=‘1552142166’]
    Anaphylaxis Triggered by Benzyl Benzoate in a Preparation of Depot Testosterone Undecanoate

    They mention skin testing to determine what specific substance causes the reaction.

    Edit: somehow misread that

    I’ll bring it up when I get my next skin test with my allergist. I’ve already got allergies to other carrier oils but it’s the food I’ve always been tested for. Hopefully he is able to test for them. With this said, I react to my allergies with a traditional histamine response bringing hives, sneezing, itching, mucus, swelling of the eyes/tongue/throat, etc. and that is how I react to the carrier oil allergies too. With the BB/BA it’s simply causing site restricted swelling, hardness (weird) and flu like symptoms for me…nothing normal for me at all, not even a hive. I have done swab tests with my steroids (containing BB/BA) and did not experience any reaction either.

  • Was probably me… Had bad reaction to Test Ace… Really have no idea why either. TE400 + TP200 causes issues only in legs but not in glutes like Ace. Even .30ML of TP200 gave me issues in my leg. That was the last time I pinned legs. The only thing I imagine that wouldn’t give me issues is probably Masteron if I was doing the compound alone. If I ever decided to try again I’d always mix in extra GSO. I’m too happy being able to walk without limping right now though. 😄

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