Fastest strength building steroid

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  • On top of test 1g what can I add that will skyrocket my strength? What is with all these crazy ratios on halotestin and methyltren i mean they aren’t as well known as dbol or anadrol why? Are they god like or just all hype?? What can I add that will shoot up my strength if programming is correct? Talking Larry Wheels gains

  • Halo and mtren are more “borrowed” strength. Most will lose it when they come off. This makes them popular for meet day doses and at the end of prep. They are also very toxic so cannot be ran for very long. This only makes the gains less weight permanent. On top of 1g of test I can’t imagine you needed anything else to help with strength, plus if you get too strong too fast your tendons and joints will feel like shit.

  • Test/Tren/Var/Tbol combo works well for guys I lift with and is a pretty basic cycle we advise for guys looking to COMPETE IN STRENGTH SPORTS. If you just want to impress chicks with a 315 bench in your local gym, don’t bother with anything beyond Test and really even just 500mg/wk of Test is good enough I do not see a reason for you using 1g of Test when you don’t even understand which drugs to take and at which doses.

    Back off your Test dose and get on a structured program for powerlifting. Even if that’s not your goal, Powerlifters are the kings when it comes to developing strength and that’s who you should pull your information from.

  • Injectable-tren and oral-dbol. There are others but these two have always given me great results and are cost effective.

  • anavar near the end of cycle, reinnervates muscle cells to myofibrillar

  • What you’re looking for is called the BCAA’s, I know a guy. Hmu. And drop your test bro. 500 is where you want to be at right now.

  • Low dose sdrol for 4-6 weeks if you can survive it.

  • TestE 650 + 40 dbol + 50 adrol gave me great strength gains. Previous cycle was the same without the abombs and was impressed with it as well. Did the orals for 30 day kickstart, experienced lethargy, lack of appetite & blood pressure at 3 week mark which cleared about 10 days after they were dropped.

  • Id add npp and pulse dbol or m1t

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