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  • I’m not big on jerking off sources with crazy reviews but I feel that this scenario is a good example of why to go with a certain source… without going into to much detail, I purchased some Serostim, test e amps, and Proviron from Dragon back about 2 months ago now. I ended up getting my seros pretty quickly as they are domestic but the pharma stuff from Turkey was another story. Fast forward, 2 months later after a ton of back and forth with Dragon on Wickr, I’m very satisfied. When my stuff was seized he not only sent me 2 bottles of his domestic test to hold me over, but he also had my stuff reshipped DHL and sent me 3 times the amount of Proviron I ordered originally. The guy spent WAY more money to keep me satistied than he made on my transaction and I have a lot of respect for that. He was cool and understanding the whole time and did way more than he had to. Thanks @“DragonOrdnance” ! With the uncertainty of ordering international, Dragon makes it about as easy and convenient as it gets.

  • Thanks buddy, always a pleasure. I’m real sorry about the whole inconvenience and I hope I made up for it.

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