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  • So I’m about a week into my first cycle, feeling good about it so far. As a natural bodybuilder my training split was push/pull/legs/rest repeat. Good split had me hitting everything twice a week but didn’t get that over trained/fatigued feeling at all. Should I keep this split or go to something where I focus more on one to two muscle groups during once sesh?

  • Being on gear doesn’t mean reinvent the wheel. Stick to the training your doing and increase volume or recovery. I do a modified PPL, and just add in a little more volume to my compounds, really not much. I do a 5/3/1 style for strength on the first PPL and I’ll add in a set or two, put mostly I like to use gear to recover better. You grow when you’re resting, I prefer to think of it as reaping the increased MPS.

  • Solid advice man, I’m gonna keep the split I’m on then.

  • To echo the other reply : if it isn’t broke don’t fix it .
    I think adding a bunch of volume and or increasing intensity to a large degree just because you’ve added drugs isn’t the best idea.
    FWIW when I started using I was actually taking longer to recover from heavy training sessions than when I was natural. This could be because the drugs helped my Increase the weights I was training with or it could be due to more stimulation of my CNS.
    I remember a few times where I felt unreal while taking heavy squats and then about 2 hours post training being absolutely fried so much so that I had to increase the amount of rest time between heavy sessions

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