Just started my first ever cycle

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  • Will be making an official log once I get some stats together (bodyweight, age, blood-test results, numbers on the big 3 lifts, etc) but I just wanted to make a preliminary post because i’m excited lol.

    I’m doing 500 mg test cyp weekly. I MAY run some GW-50156 that I have. I have a bunch of shit (var, LGD, GW) laying around but a few of the guys here convinced me to pass on the var and LGD for my first cycle.

    Did my first ever IM injection, wow that was painless. Straight into the left glute. I’ve done sub-q injections before (growth hormone peptides) and some of those were more painful than this. This wasn’t even noticeable to be honest. It did take FOREVER to distribute though, and for that reason the glute was a pain in the ass. Having to stand up and twist around waiting for that oil to distribute in wasn’t ideal but not a big deal. Had to stand there for over a minute as a friend advised me to be patient and not just push the plunger in.

    I didn’t even get any weird feelings post injection. With peptides I would get hot, sometimes a histamine reaction, hungry (obviously), etc. I know those are different but I expected some kind of reaction, lol, it was literally like I did nothing.

    Anyhow I’m excited as fuck. For you more experienced guys, around what week do you expect to start really noticing? Also a buddy of mine recommended that I run an AI during cycle, I wasn’t really thinking this would be necessary, do you guys agree with his sentiments?

    Thanks again for everyones’ help who have responded to my prior posts. Onwards to sikkkkkk gains, we’re all gonna make it bruvs

  • I didn’t really notice anything my first cycle until around the 6 week mark. At that point I realized that I was starting to put on some serious weight and my shirts were starting to get too tight (no such thing lol). There was never a “fuck, so this is what steroids are like” feeling until I tried anadrol and was able to add 10lbs to my bench every week.

  • Test e/c I don’t really notice much til week 4-5, maybe improved libido but nothing else really. You should definitely get an AI. If you don’t want gyno, get one.

  • always have an AI on hand. I started TRT with 200mg a week and my estrogen was already high. it was a different range than normal, 60-190…and i was at 224. so definitely definitely keep an AI on hand

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