MISRIAH oils and orals

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  • Hello all… I had planned on doing a review as I progressed further but I noticed the first difference yesterday so here goes. This will also be a running log as I progress further. I bought hear from Misriah and I am only in my 2nd week of taking it. I’m running Test E 600 weekly, Deca 400 weekly, and Dbol 50 mg daily.

    I haven’t yet noticed any significant pumps yet but I’m sure that’s coming. What I did notice, keep in mind its inky about 9 days in, was my cardio increase. I did not even get any if this gear for cardio use but yesterday when I ran a 5k I came in at over 3 minutes faster than previous. The last 3 times I ran were between 28 and 29 minutes and that was a mo th ago. That was also the last time I have done any cardio whatsoever. I haven’t changed anything else, maybe eat a little better but not much. Yesterday I ran my 5k and came in at exactly 25:00. I anticipated the same run as before but about a minute in I realized I felt much better than before. Starting pushing myself more and shaved over 3 minutes and felt great.

  • 9 days on dbol and no pumps yet… yikes

  • [quote=“dianabolman” pid=‘51174’ dateline=‘1556825392’]
    9 days on dbol and no pumps yet… yikes

    Actually to be fair, I guess I should have mentioned this first, it hasn’t really been that long. I started 3 weeks ago where I took 2 doses only and then had a family emergency and had to fly out of state and didnt risk bringing gear with me. Due to the emergency I didnt work out at all. So really there were 2 days on gear, then a week and half in between with nothing, and now I’m back on and only at day 3 in the gym on gear. No serious changes yet but working out and cardio just feels better and seems easier right now.

  • My body doesn’t tend to get pumped unless I go huge volume or I take a long, long time off and then go back in to the gym. If I’m there daily I barely ever feel pumps. I’ve had some insane pumps before at various times but have no idea why I did vs why I don’t get pumps.

  • @“HardcoreHenry” How’s it treating you now? Glad it’s going great otherwise!

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