Instant Pot Sterilization

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  • Just though I’d through this here so it may be more searchable. If you have an Instant Pot, it’s a good way to sterilize your homebrew gear. Just throw that bitch on steam for 10-15 minutes and let it naturally aspirate. I recently found not as many people were aware this has been tested safe for lab grade materials, as per a study by Dakota State University.

    It’s only Instant Pot’s that this level of sterilization is regarded as consistent, I’m unaware of other pressure cookers ability.

    [quote][b]pressure cooker sterilize laboratory items … sterilization for 15 mins was necessary to inactivate the microbes on the spatula and probe, but 30 mins in the pressure cookers was required to sterilize the scissors [/b][/quote]

    Hope this helps some of you

  • I can also turn 5lbs frozen chicken breast into shredded BBQ in 25 minutes!

  • Are you saying throw finished vials of gear in? I’ve never really found a definitive answer on if that’s okay as a way of terminal sterilization, or if you’ll be risking your vial tops blowing out. So I guess we can assume the instant pot reaches 15 psi on a particular setting. Do you know which setting that would be?

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