Tutanata and Fake Names

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  • Hello all,

    This seems to be coming back and so we mods feel the need to address it.

    DO NOT USE A FAKE NAME ON A PACK! It causes problems. Just don’t do it.

    Second, all of us should have a tutanota or a proton and use them appropriately. Tuta to Tuta or proton to proton. However, especially to Tutanota, there have been a number of phishing attempts that appear to be from “Tutanota Team” or similar.

    These are not tutanota emails and if you click on “show more” and the email address you will see it is not from the tutanota team. You’re being phished.

    They will seize your order email and send you a btc address that doesn’t belong to the source you’re ordering from. Making it look like you never replied, source didn’t reply, you sent funds to a phished address wallet that the source didn’t own nor receive, etc etc.

    It’s as simple as clicking “Show More” on the emails from sources to verify the email address is actually the source. lockandload@tutanota.com is very different than lockandload@tutanata.com. You will be out money and your pack because you weren’t being vigilant.

    We all want this place to run as smooth as possible. Mods can’t help you if this occurs, it’s on you.

    Stay vigilant!


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