Clen or Albuterol

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  • so lets hear it. Whats your goto for getting ripped, and why?

    This question always comes up when Im prepping. why I dont use clen. For me its a no brainer. No shakes with albuterol. I get shakes with clen. With albuterol I get less side effects and burn just as much fat and get just as shredded.

    Both drugs burn fat in the same way, both are beta 2 agonists.
    They used to say clen was anti catabolic but there is no solid evidence. There is however evidence that albuterol is anabolic. Clen was made for horses and albuterol for humans. I could take heavy doses if need be with no shakes. dont get me wrong it will burn your ass out the same way but just easier on me

  • never used albuterol

    clen is nice

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