First cycle AI dose for safety

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  • HI all, here with another rookie question.

    Gonna be running Test E 500mg/wk E3.5D for 15weeks, HCG 250iu / week starting week 2-3.

    Starting test is ~500 and 25 estradiol.

    • Do not want to risk gyro, so will take Nolva throughout, altough I need help deciding dosage and frequency.

    • What’s the difference between Arimidex and Aromasin? Planning Arimidex .25mg on days of injection. Is this a good protocol.

    Please give any suggestions or opinions. Appreciate it.
    Also I’m planning to buy from @“SouthernCompounding” ,so if any wanna review them that’d be great haha.

  • Getting AI dosage dialed in is very user specific. You may be a high responder to test and would need more AI. You could be a low responder and not need much at all. You gotta figure it out for yourself.

    Do yourself a favor and 7 weeks in get bloodwork done.

    I’m more of a fan of Aromasin than adex. I usually will do 12.5mg on pin days. But you also need to account for other things in later cycles, for example if you add dbol in the future you’ll need to adjust your AI because dbol will increase your e2.

    Exemestane: suicide inhibitor, standard dose 25mg, half life 24 hours, 85 to 95% estrogen suppression

    Anastrozole: competative inhibitor, standard dose 0.5 to 1mg, half life 50 hours, 95+% estrogen suppression

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