Gw501516 (cardarine) From PPL or Pharmacom???

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  • I’ve been wanting to put in an order for a while now for Cardarine and now I’m just trying to decide on a provider.

    Has anyone had any experience with the Cardarine from Purple Panda Labs or from Pharmacom?

    I know pharmacom is pricier but all the gear I’ve ever gotten from them was on point. My only hold up is that the PPL price is really tempting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Been looking for some legit SARMs as well, so Ill be lurking here in hopes for some guidance

  • I know what you mean but Cardarine isnt a SARM but alot of people think it is.

  • Im skeptical of many things in the “SARM” category however, PCOM would be my 1st choice, those Hennos are expensive, but we buy their reputable name.

    I have not tried any GW from the above sources you’ve mentioned however, i do have a US source I use for it as it greatly helps my cardiovascular health during harsher cycles. If you’d like the info just ask. They do 3rd party testing and ive had nothing but quality. I cap my Cardarine though so if you’re looking for an already prepared product then nevermind.

  • Just get a bunch of powder off of Alibaba. They’ll cap it for you too

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