Test E raws turned to goop

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  • I have some test E about 9 months old that turned from clumpy white powder into sticky yellow goop. It looks like a big bugger. Here’s a pic of about 9 grams:


    Has anybody seen this before? I was storing the raw powder in a couple ziplocs in a dark cupboard at room temp. I’ve been using the same batch of test E for 9 months, and I brewed some about 3 months ago which still looked like powder, so the transformation into a booger must’ve happened since then. I attempted to brew it, and managed to get about 8 grams into the vial:


    Shit feels like hash oil mixed with tree sap. Seriously the stickiest shit you can imagine. I brewed with a mix of MCT, BB, and BA at 160F and it seemed to turn out ok. Still more yellow than my previous batches of test E:


    I pinned half a CC in my shoulder for science. Gonna wait to see how my body takes it before I make the decision to keep pinning or toss it.

  • Test E has a really low melt point, this isn’t that uncommon.

  • For science.

  • It’s been about 16 hours since I pinned, and there’s some pretty intense PIP. I’m also lacking confidence that the goopy test will still give me the same gains as powdered test. I’m likely going to toss it.

  • Test C has a higher melting point if you want to eliminate this issue happening ever again.

  • It’s been about 72 hours since I pinned, and I’m regretting it. PIP has been insane, and now I have a big red marshmallow arm. I know it’s not a bacterial infection since I pinned literally seconds after I finished filtering, but whatever the fuck was in that goop has my antibodies going apeshit.

    I put the residue in the freezer, and it did not turn back into powdered test. It remained cold, sticky goop. This seems indicative of a chemical reaction of some sort, rather than just a phase change. Whatever the fuck that goop was, it was no longer test E.

    From now on, if any of my raws are not flaky powder (besides EQ), then they’re going straight in the dumpster.

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