Best Mass HGH cycle

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  • Currently cruising at 200 test and 150 deca with 3iu a day of Sterostim HGH. Been on HRT for 12 years.
    47 years old here ready to blast again
    what would be the best Mass cycle with HGH

    Just looking for suggestions

    thank you

  • My suggestion would be to up the test to 600-800
    Swap the deca for NPP at 600 mg and add anadrol 50-100 mg a day
    You could keep the growth where it’s at or up it to 5iu or so

  • Best mass. Depends on how much you want to push. It’s your call with risk vs reward, also $$$.
    For me, best mass cycle would be 900-1g Test / 750 Nandrolone Cyp. For me no orals during a bulk except proviron. Keep the serostim at 3 iu’s , but generics and run that at 7 iu’s . Serostim 3 in morning, 4 generic post or pre workout, 3 iu’s evening time . Humalog 8-10 iu’s preworkout with proper pre and Intra workout shakes. 6-8ius post workout before meal. Low to no fats in those meals/ shakes. High carb high protein.

  • Just slowly up your doses every 6-12 weeks and you’ll grow. Throw in an oral of your choice if you’d like some extra cosmetic effect.

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