Why don't sources carry DNP?

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  • Honest question, nobody here carries DNP. Why is that?

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    Honest question, nobody here carries DNP. Why is that?

    So DNP talk isn’t really allowed here; it was downright banned on the old sub, and it is a bit more loose now but still.

    The reason most sources don’t carry DNP is because it is seen as a very dangerous and law enforcement goes after them harder. Just look at the old ScorpionDNP article; the police put a bunch of resources into catching him. AAS don’t really have the same scrutiny; the government isn’t going to come break down the door to stop a small home lab from producing Testosterone. TBH, they only really care if you lab appears to be super mainstream and huge, which is why lots of people get out after a few years to minimize the chance of getting too big for their own good (which is easy to do when business is good). If anything, what they would go after is the raws coming from China.

    The reason DNP isn’t really talked about here is because they were spammed with DNP requests and questions on the old sub. Not as much of a problem here, but still probably don’t want to change the rule since sourcing DNP wouldn’t really bring the type of attention we would want.

    If you want more info on DNP, go to r/DNP. They have a bunch of details there, and a discord which includes sources.

  • Yep, I hate it is a banned topic here but it is. There is a discord strictly for dnp which I am on. This thread probably gonna get deleted.

  • Dnp is some harsh stuff. I have had plenty of cycles on it and it works. But the fatigue and heat sucks.

  • DNP talk is banned. Will not delete for knowledge but will close this thread.

    Do not talk about, ask about, find a source, for anything DNP related

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