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  • Ordered on Tuesday arrived on Friday and let me tell you how impressed I am! Communication: Phenomenal!
    T/A time: 3Days
    Quality of packing: Amazing! I have never seen packaging done this well, you can definitely tell cm takes pride in his product.

    I am also very impressed with the labels and how they look! They are straight on the vials and look awesome!

    @cmlabs has a customer for life here!

    Gear draws smooth and no pip for t cyp and t prop.

  • yeah baby boy, waiting to see the T/A’s come in on the mack daddy CML.

  • He is quick as shit… He legit lives like one county over from me, so anytime I have ordered from him, I got my shit super quick

  • He’s the OG amazon prime source

  • Thanks for the T/A review!

  • [quote=“GEBP” pid=‘52615’ dateline=‘1557669731’]
    He’s the OG amazon prime source


    TBH he kinda fucked it up or other sources, the bar got set too high. LOL people want shit yesterday now. Oof

  • [quote=“Checkmatelabs” pid=‘52618’ dateline=‘1557671796’]
    Thanks for the T/A review!

    dude, you were my first source I ordered from back on Reddit. Ordered friday got it tuesday. Couldn’t be better

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