PHTD Peptides

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  • I’m just putting this out there b/c I felt like I should share my experience. This is my first time ordering from any site on SST.These seller was great to work with. My emails were all answered generally within a few hours and no more than 12 hours. I have never used Bitcoin before and I was a little unsure initially about receipt of payment but they got back to me quickly. Before I even had a chance to ask about shipping it was already in my mailbox. I’m talking ordered on a Tuesday night and in my mailbox Friday afternoon. Awesome T/A times and looking forward to the products

  • where are these guys on this site? Pthd where the hell are they? Not in the sources section or the forums … how you find them?

  • PHTD- Forum > US Domestic > Sources. About halfway down the sources page.

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