SpartaPharma T/A review (SPARTAN FAMILY)

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  • Hello guys hope ever one is doing great and making all the gains and reaching there goals. This is a long over due T/A of SpartaPharmaUSA.

    Let’s See where to start…

    Communication: Before I placed my order I sent a few emails to ask questions to get as much as information possible. Leo responded to every email in a very timely manner. I placed order on 4/21 we both confirmed that payment was received. I received a email 4/23 letting me know that my order had been shipped out. 2 days later I get home and thought I had a SpartaPharma Prime membership package had arrived. I reached out to Leo letting him know all was well. Had a slight issue with TNE that came free with my order Leo went up down and all around to resolve my issue and taught me a Thing or two. So far as communication I have to say there perfect. So perfect I placed a second order. 🙂 Ordered 4/29 from the amazing sale they had going on and Leo even blessed me with a extra pack. Again Received an email when it was shipped 5/1 mentioned that I was going out of town so he even threw in a tracking number so I could track my order to make sure I had someone to get it. How Freaking Amazing is that. Oh order arrived in 2 days like first order.

    Order packaging: Packaging was very discreet small and compact. Oils was wrapped in bubble wrap like it was C4 Took me a few mins to get it open. Orals where vacuum sealed and wrapped also. Each product was labeled with name, dosage, Carrier oil , BA BB and Guiaciol percentages. Even has a keep out of reach of children. Label and professional looking and has the logo I love it.

    Quality: Far as Quality goes I can not speak on the product to much only how it pins as I have not gotten BloodWork done yet. But as soon and I meet the BW protocol I will post it. The oils are very smooth I haven’t experienced any pain only the normal soreness when you stick a needle in your body lol.

    Conclusion: I would definitely Recommend any one to SpartaPharmaUSA source they are really easy going and laid back. Leo will answer any question you have pertaining to orders and making sure you get what ever information you need to feel comfortable placing a order from them. I’m very positive that the quality is on point because everything they do is professional and they willing to do what ever it takes to prove that to you Plus I’ve seen other user’s BloodWork 😉 Orders come by mail via The Flash they are there that fast. So go check them out and become part of the
    SPARTA FAMILY you won’t Regret it.


  • I think I might’ve jizzed a little in my pants! This is one of the most detailed reviews we have received:)
    Thank you so much for taking the time to make this review! If you get bloodwork, we will gladly offer you credit to show our thanks!


  • NP you guys keep up the good work you deserve it

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