Is there any way I can re-gain access to the discord chat?

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  • I recognize that I spout severe levels of autism all throughout the chat. Nonetheless I do think the chat (and those in it) truly did help me make some progress in my personal fitness goals. I also did grow to like a couple of people in the chat and never genuinely intended for my bullshitting to genuinely offend or outrage anyone.

    Is there anything I can do to redeem myself? And if so, after doing that, what should I do to prevent a future ban?

    This discord chat in fact was the only reason I began using discord (had never used it before). Would like to be re-admitted if I can be… and am willing to change to prevent a future ban if I can be readmitted…

  • Fuck, the least you could do is stay off the forum as well. Nobody needs to hear your nonsensical shit day in and day out.

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