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  • Is this site legit?

    Is there a better source for test and AIs in the UK?

  • Pretty sure multiple sources here ship to uk.

  • We have AI&test for great prices internationally, if you’d like! We don’t have UK domestic right now, but our stealth is top notch if you ever want to give it a try! We’ve had great success even getting into harder borders like AUS.

    As for that site, I have never heard of them before. In my opinion, why risk it? There are other sources/UGLs here on SST who do UK/EU Domestic at good prices, even if they aren’t listed as a UK/EU source on the source page. I think, if you aren’t wanting to order international, a trusted source here is way more worth your time/money/health. Just my 0.02 cents~! 🙂

  • the name seems pretty fake. uk i think there is one called balkan and one that starts with a g

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