HGH Frag 176-191

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  • Anyone ever used this.

    It’s supposed to burn off fat.

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    Anyone ever used this.

    It’s supposed to burn off fat.

    Waste of money, it is to easily impacted by a few things. You have to take it in a fasted state, then stay in a fasted state for a little while longer post pin. It is usually 2x pins a day so to get the full benefits, you’d have to be in somewhat of a fasted state often. Plus it is expensive compared to other things out there IMO. My suggestion, eat less.

  • I bought some, going to try it. Have low expectations. Still mulling over how I’m going to dose it: maybe 500mcg in the a.m. maybe 250 fasted than another 250 a couple later. Maybe 250 in the a.m. and 250 before bed.

    Kind of have immediate buyers remorse (because peptides) but gonna play it with for a month and pair it with fasted cardio, move my weight training to after work time of day.

    Not much to lose except my money (and hopefully some fat)

    does anyone definitively know if it raises IGF-1? I have read it does and I have read it does not.

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