Beginner, intermediate, advanced?

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  • How do you guys define a beginner user vs an intermediate vs an advanced user? Like at what point do you decide when it is time to up your dosage? When your current dose is no longer as effective?

  • I think these are empty classifications. Start with a basic test cycle, if you are making great gains on that, diet down on cruise, add a bulking compound and/or oral of choice (EQ, Deca / dbol, adrol etc), if that cycle goes well you should either have enough mass to be happy or you may want to compete in bodybuilding, at which point tren becomes a justifiable option, or go for an anti-aging/feel good everlasting cycle of test, hgh and throw in primo, anavar, whatever doesn’t affect your mind or bloodwork negatively now and then.

    If you aren’t making progress or something is not working as it should, it’s time togo over training, nutrition, recovery etc. again before ading more gear

  • I agree they are a bit vague. Beginner of what?

    It depends on what you want to do. You want to be a huge looking bodybuilder or more of a athletic look, magazine cover guy? IDK… There are people in gyms that workout all the time but look like they barely have muscles… is that a beginner? IDK? They could be far more athletic than you think. I used to play Tennis for fun for like 3-5 hours a day sweating bullets. I was by no means a Tennis expert though. I was still what anyone would consider a beginner because any decent player would maul me. I just did it for fun and for cardio. I found that going to the gym during that phase only hurt my performance so I cut the gym time down. I look better now but I bet I couldn’t play for 20 minutes straight without getting leg cramps or ankle burning lactic acid. LOL. So basically ask the question again with 10x more detail.

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    I agree they are a bit vague. Beginner of what?

    It depends on what you want to do.

    brobro I think you hit the nail on the head there. Everyone has completely different goals and methods of approach. Technically speaking someone on TRT doing their first blast is a beginner but if they’ve been on TRT for almost any amount of time they’d have experience over someone who’s not had to manage their hormones at all. In the same respect, someone who’s been lifting or dieting for multiple years is going to have more experience over someone who hasn’t, for sure. I think the deciding factor in beginner/intermediate/advanced is the ability/willingness to study or find answers for yourself, and being able to draw your own conclusions about your science experiment from literature and anecdotal experience. I think too many people forget they can optimize their entire lives, not just muscle growth, recovery, training frequency, etc.

    I think if you expect things to be spoon fed to you, follow cookie cutter cycles and ‘pro’ stacks you’re a beginner. I think if you have enough integrity and ambition to research your compounds and dosages based off your goals and body then you’re intermediate. I like to think that when you no longer need to experiment with new compounds, splits, and nutrition you’ve found your groove and are advanced. No one is going to know 100% of 100% of the things, so I think the most we can ask for is being as completely educated as possible for what we’re doing, as opposed to shot gun spreading the effort.

  • Exactly. Too many variables.

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