Pharma HGH Review Humatrope, Geno, Mauve

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  • Just wanted to post regarding Pharmahgh. I have placed 3 orders with this guy. Each time I have ordered Humatrope 72iu pens and Mauve tops. Most recently I ordered a Geno pen. Everything comes legit packaged and I scanned the bar codes on Turkish Health Ministry ITS app and it all comes back legit. I’ve been using a combination of 4iu humatrope and 6iu of the mauves and my hands have gone permanently numb. Recently, I had a package that got stuck in Germany and I thought it was seized. Pharmahgh re-shipped the package within 2 weeks and then my original pack came through, so I got 2x my order. This guy takes care of his customers and I’ve recommended him to a number of friends.

  • I’ve been thinking about ordering some pharma gh from him. I just can’t get past the idea of customs seizing it. Any words of advice? Are you in the US?

  • Customs won’t seize it. All my orders from him have come through. One got sent back to him and then he re-shipped to me. He does DHL shipping which is super fast and they actually do the security check in Germany, so for instance the pack that got sent back to him didn’t even get to the US. Once the pack clears Germany it’s good to go. DHL is private.

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