What’s your cruise dose ?

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  • Title says it all lads
    What’s your preferred cruise dose that gets you right on the money , feeling good, no need for Ai and keeping those juicy gains ?

  • Man I felt great at 150mg Test e/week. Got my bloods done on it at a regular doc so my total test was capped at >1500 estro was at around 176 with no AI (sheesh) but I felt GOOD, strength was up, wasn’t really dieting, just eating as I went and training wasn’t extreme like a contest prep. My mental was the best ever, literally had no depression days, dick worked and got random boners throughout the day. Oh and yeah from that bloodwork I did add 12.5mg Asin 2x a week, started to feel shitty so I just took it out completely.

  • 138mg test C / week

    a microdose of .125mg adex 3 x a week (capped from a compounded pharmacy)

    puts my test at about 900-1000 and e2 between 30-50

    Men’s Clinic prescribed regime…

  • I’m a shit responder so 200mg test e or 30mg Ed of prop. Puts me at 900-975. Just started test ace for the first time on a cruise so curious to see where it puts me.

  • 200mg pharma cyp doesn’t put me over 800, don’t use any ai. Considering ‘cruising’ after blast on test+mast until bloods with my doc but we’ll see I guess.

  • Usually did 200mg test e a week. After this blast I was gonna try 100mg test e/100mg mast e weekly.

  • 250/week split up every 3 days. In the next few months I want to try 150 test/150 mast just for curiosity. I dont take any AI because I dont aromatize much and estrogen has protective properties for heart tissue.

  • 100mg/week and no ai. Puts me at around 900-1000

  • 200 a week of cyp. No AI needed

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