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  • Greetings. One of my first posts after being a long time lurker of this forum. I figured it’s time to post T/A reviews from the vendors I’ve purchased from while prepping for my first cycle.

    Dragon Ordnance - Intl order placed and landed in 10 days, including the weekend. This was my first intl order and I had some questions which DO responded fairly quickly. I have no complaints and would order Intl again.

    Winterpharm - Purchase was made from his webstore which is pretty straight forward. I also had a question regarding one of WP’s products which he responded to within 24 hours. T/A was 3 days from order to delivery.

    Misriah - I took advantage of his B2G1 sale last month and placed a decent sized order. Misriah had his issue with his supplier and communication was fine in regards to the situation. With the supplier mishap, total T/A was 9 days. Super friendly guy to talk to.

    LockandLoad Labs - Order was placed during the time one of his packs had been seized. Order was placed and a confirmation email was sent within 24 hours. T/A was 7 days from order to delivery.

    SoCo - I sent SoCo an email with some questions and he responded extremely fast! Also very friendly to communicate with. I placed an order through SoCo’s webstore which is straight forward much like WP’s. Total T/A from order to delivery was 3 or 4 days.

    Spartapharma - I placed an order with Sparta and he was super friendly and answered a question that I had regarding one of his products and some carrier oil questions. Sparta sent an email when the pack was sent. T/A was 3 days from order to delivery.

    Everyone, so far, that I’ve placed an order with has had excellent communication and there isn’t anything that I can honestly complain about.

  • Thanks for the reviews! They’re all great sources I agree

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