Dragon Ordnance Is The Store To Buy From

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  • I haven’t bought from all stores as of yet, have only tried roughly 4-5. Nonetheless from what I’ve seen and what I have tried I can easily come to the conclusion that Dragon Ordnance is the best source to buy from.

    Why is it the best store? Here’s a list of reasons.

    1. DO has a website so that you can make an order at any time and so you don’t have to go through some stupid email system.

    2. DO not only has a website, but his site actually looks and functions like a professional website – not a neopets or webkinz looking-site like some of the other raw sellers here (which I’ve had very negative experience with in the past).

    3. The prices, oh holy shit the prices – try and find cheaper ones – you wont be able to.

    4. Delivery time was as fast as it could be, especially when shipping an illicit product into a country internationally.

    5. Speaking of that, the stealth, was also fantastic. Not gonna say what was done publicly for his business’ sake, but if I was border patrol I wouldn’t have found those raws I ordered either aha.

    6. His customer service was great. There was not a day that I wasn’t got back to within less than 6 hours. How fast he responds may vary by the day, but he was generally very fast at responding to my questions.

    So yeah that’s my list of pro’s about purchasing 3 raws with Dragon Ordnance! Here is my one con:

    1. Dragon Ordanance does not talk very professionally, and for a business such as this, I definitely think he should. I acknowledge it’s just a matter of opinion, but I think if he spoke/wrote more professional text he would look more official and better as a AAS business owner.

    That being said, I have 0 hate for this man, casually I find the way he talks absolutely fine (he seems like a really chill dude) – and ultimately it’s not too big of a deal as the package I ordered still all came in the right weights, quickly, as legitimate products, and with great stealth (so much so that it was amusing to find my raws in what I was packed (was like an Easter Egg hunt for an adult wannabe bodybuilder)).

    To wrap this off, or a tl;dr:

    I definitely will be purchasing from Dragon Ordnance again. DO is the best store I’ve purchased from by far. Cheap, easy to order, stealthy delivery, fast customer response time, and received what I ordered in the right weights. Will definitely order from again – and soon!

    I’m definitely on the DO train now, PPL can suck my shrunken nuts.

  • I’ve ordered from him twice and both times were good experiences.

    I do agree that a website is a nice touch.

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