Raloxifene question

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  • Hey guys, I know Raloxifene can get rid of “the gyno lump” but will it make my nipples look normal again? Because of failure to use and AI and improper PCT during some of my earlier cycles combined with gyno from puberty, my nipples are super puffy. Is there any way to get rid of this?

  • To an extent yes but completely take the puffiness away, no. I had gyno and puffy nips, cycled ralox for 1.5 months on normal dosage protocol and gyno that I’ve had for years is completely gone, nipple look a lot better, some puffiness but not noticeable unless you look Down at them, so basically you’re the only one that will see the puffiness

  • Ralox can work wonders, I started to get puffy nips and Areola slightly got bigger even with my AI and blood work showing my E2 levels etc in check. Took it at 60mg ED for 10 days and then 30mg, at around week 3 I had a dramatic reduction is puffiness and Areola shrunk to normal size.
    I was also taking Caber because I’m prone to higher levels of prolactin levels and Caber def kept me good during the cycle since I was on Tren as well.
    As for you if it’s a mixture of old puberty, cycles gone wrong I would still try the Ralox but you might have to run it at 60mg ED little longer than 10 days and eventually drop it to 30mg. Like with everything things take time, but eventually some people regardless of Ralox or not go for surgery. Give it a try for a couple months and see how it works for you.
    @“SouthernCompounding” has Pharma Evista for Ralox and Pfizer for Caber, both obviously gtg.

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