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  • Edit: so, Jekyll is going to wayyy unneccecary means to remedy the situation here… I wont pass up freebies though. Looking forward to trying out some other products. Im glad he’s got a website now.

    Frogjuice is potent, theres pellets of crashed something in it though. Can’t heat up enough to dissolve without damaging the hest sensitive tren. Oh well. Was cheap enough that im not missing whatever it is. Maybe I’ll shoot a cc of test in there when they run out and crank the temp up to get em dissolved.

    T/A and customer service communication is trash though. 3 week T/A - one email reply. Whatever. Got my gear. He’s got a website now though - thinks are looking more hopeful as far as returning to a more manageable means of communication/order management… That’s awesome. Seems this was a learning experience… For me as well… Not everyone who doesn’t respond is a scammer… Just had a bad experience with other sources in the past.

  • Same here with the frog juice, didn’t know the pellets stuck to the side was crashed tren though, however this is relieving because I thought the whole vial was ruined. Just shot 1.5ml and the pip isn’t bad though, I also received great communication, definitely will be a returning customer

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