Aromasin with fats

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  • Does anyone here actually notice a difference if they take aromasin on an empty stomach vs with fats? I know the general consensus is it shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach because of poorer absorption but just wondering if you guys have any anecdotal experience.

  • I personally havent noticed a difference and have been taking it on an empty stomach the last few months. No e2 bloodwork to back that up though

  • It isn’t a debate; the research we have (SoCo posted it) shows that Asin is much more effective when taken with fats.

    Now as for actually feeling a difference? I don’t normally feel much difference between taking it on an empty stomach vs with a meal, but that is probably because I only notice my E2 when it is extremely high or extremely low. Not going to feel a slight fluctuation that is only for a few days.

  • I have a bit of experience with this, but it might have been a coincidence so take it with a grain of salt. I usually take my asin with dinner, which pretty much always has at least a certain amount of fat in it. I once took it on an empty stomach much later in the day and the next day I had a few acne spots appear on my shoulders. I had been almost completely clear the past few weeks. I hypothesize that this was caused by a slight increase in E2 from taking it without any fats, which triggered some acne to appear.

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