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  • Are there any good app alternatives to Mycelium?

  • I use electrum it’s pretty tight. I can just hit the BTC atm up the street and scan my phone and it goes directly to my wallet. I can either send it to the source from my phone or I can come back home and send it from my PC. Pretty nifty imo, especially when protonmail has an app too.

  • Does electrum send anonymously?

  • I use Bread and I’m fine with it to this point. I know there are safer options like Electrum when it comes to having access to your private keys, but I only ever have coins in my wallet when I’m about to place an order.

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    Does electrum send anonymously?

    I’m sorry bro I’m not sure what you mean, because no matter what wallet you use the transaction is going to be public.

  • I use coinomi. Never had a problem and you can exchange coins right in the app. Only used it on android.

  • I use coinomi as well, legit multi-coin wallet.
    [quote=“HateradeV3” pid=‘55314’ dateline=‘1559342480’]
    Does electrum send anonymously?

    There’s no anonymous way to send Bitcoin. Use Monero if you’re trying to do that.

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