When do gains slow down? Blasting for 16 weeks

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  • Wondering when gains slow down for most, amd the best way to go about fixing that. I want to keep pushing the envelope. Unfortunately my gains halted/slowed when I switched from a private source to what seemed to be a very good source here, but progress had already been slowing. I just dont know exactly what to make of it. Is the gear underdosed? (Nearest place to get bloods is a 3 hour drive) … Is it just a plateau? What’s going on?

    Please share any similar experiences… Currently I’m taking a maintenance week or two in the gym and focusing on recovery. Unfortunately my motherfucking low back lynph node is swelling up from switching to glute pins.

  • You’re a powerlifter if I remember. Do you mean plateau from weight gain? Gym performance? Comp lifts?

    Strength is partly a skill so eventually you’ll get to a point where your ability to express strength is peaked and then you won’t make improvements in that rep range as quickly b/c you’ll be relying more on muscle increase. Which is much slower. So you could be peaked (even accidentally from going too hard) and need a break

    Weight gain is obvious, just a calories thing and sometimes you need a break to maintain the new base to jump off of in the future

    Now for my broscience opinion… if your blood levels are very stable you will be “used” to them and your body will consider it almost normal after 16 weeks. I have nothing to support this besides old plers telling me this can happen

    Ultimately, you can’t blast forever so if you feel like this has run it’s course then I’d back off to a cruise. Maintain everything and come back when you feel ready again. In my own experience, sometimes you’re just beat and need a break even if you think you want more

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