1st TRT Bloods !

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  • Previous Test lvl 2 weeks prior : 183
    150mg Watson test cyp a week : 1686(1st shot , 39 hrs after)
    Free Test : 303
    Test Bio : 650
    Estra ultra : 81
    lh: .04
    t4: .07
    AST : 43
    alt : 37
    SHBG : 35

    How does everything look? Do total test levels show up lower on female panel tests? Thanks

  • Need a little more information here sir, what are the units and lab ranges for those numbers?

    Your note says “1st shot, 39hrs after” what do you mean by that? I read it as “I injected myself for the first time ever with 150mg of test then had a blood test 2 days later”. Is that correct, if so it was far too early in the process to discover anything more meaningful than the fact that you have injected test not bunk oil.

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