Synergy forge Tren ace, Test e

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  • Wanted to do a quick anecdotal review on Synergys stuff… Firstly, his T/A and customer service are top notch. He responds fast and I’ve gotten my stuff as fast as I needed it. Each order I received in 2-3 days.

    That being said test and tren ace (and deca but I brew my own deca) are my bread and butter.

    Test e - potent. Makes me horny as a goat, and look full on 600 mg. Will be my go to and I’ll post bloods soon when I go to my Endo (who I see for my thyroid disorder)

    Tren ace - very consistently STRONG. Anger, aggression, night sweats and insane vascularity and pumps and 40-50 mg/ day.

    Synergy is great thus far for me and I’ve ordered 4 times total. I will be using his stuff for as long as the product quality remains the same.

    Edit: I’ll be receiving test p soon. I also want to try his mast and some orals of his… So look forward to an anecdotal update on those in 2-3 weeks. Orals I’ll prob get some proviron, var, or anadrol. I am not sure yet.

  • Excited to hear this, I just had his var and drol land for me today, i’m going to be running fusion oils until stock is depleted but i’m out of tren ace so was looking for a good alternative for the spring cleaning cycle. I appreciate the feedback!

  • Nice review bro…

    Have a few goodies myself that I need to purchased. Hopefully deals going on!

  • His test prop is good i use it to cruise

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