Synergy Forge T/A

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  • Placed my first order with SF. Tried to order Saturday, was told to wait until Tuesday due to influx of orders received due to 2 sources shutting down. I respect the hell out of that, not wanting to get behind and keeping things smooth, ensuring a quick turnaround for all those who beat me to the punch. Ordered Tuesday, I am not kidding when i say 45 hours after payment was sent (who knows how long before it cleared), the pack was in my box. Keeping locations/logistics of vague nature, I could barely get in my car and drive there in that amount of time. Extremely impressed thus far, everything looks good, well packaged/sealed. Long as the gear checks out, which by all appearances it will, @“Synergy Forge” you’ve got a new regular. Thoroughly impressed with everything start to finish so far, highly recommended.

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