Fall/Winter staying lean, gaining size, tren enth?

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  • Ever since I discovered NPP, TPP, mast p and tren a I have been hooked. Love these compounds (hate the ED injections) I like to be dry, but I also enjoy being proportionate as I am 6ft6.

    Looking to gain some mass so I grabbed some sustanon as my test base for weeks 1-10 (will switch to TPP).

    I had planned on using tren a at 350/week for the first 4 weeks for rapid tissue buildup without the bloat from dianabol and anadrol (I react very well to tren a, not so much dbol or adrol)

    I have been looking at 4 weeks of tren a then switching to tren e. Has anyone experienced both? One better than the other?

    Exp would be greatly appreciated

  • I haven’t tried tren E, but tren E gets a lot of flak for having more sides. Not sure why, but it’s kinda up in the air. One important thing to note is that if you do switch, you will have to dose the tren E slightly higher because there is less actual tren per mg compared to tren A

  • I’ve used tren base, A, E, and hex. I’ve literally never experienced a difference in sides personally but tons of people seem to experience differences between them.

  • i wouldn’t say enth has more sides; it follows that if you suffer heavily from sides; it takes longer for the drug to clear the blood meaning you will suffer sides longer.

    Whereas acetate takes (iirc) 3 days to clear

    It’s the same drug, residence time is the only thing that has an appreciable change between esthers

  • Tren e gave me all the side effects that people associate with tren. Tren A only makes me sweat more.

  • When using sustanon in a cycle how many days a week do you pin? Is sustanon ok for cruise too or only good for blasting?

  • I just had an amazing lean bulk running MENT and a very low dose of test e. Ran 65mg trest eod and around 100mg test e 2x a week. Started at 228lb (I’m 6’1) and I’m wrapping it up around 240-245lb and 12%bf. Shame I didn’t measure bf to start but I imagine it was around +10% or so.

    My personal preference is to run powerful compounds but in moderate doses, and have all that line up with adequate training, diet, and recovery. I don’t compete or plan to or anything but when all those things are aligned the outcome is generally pretty good. It was just epic this time around. I love learning from cycles and they just get better.

    For this particular lean bulk I got very into building shoulders, back, and legs - the overall profile I guess. The other stuff I just filled in. Also did a ton of vacuums, planks and side planks and was very mindful of my waist and core.

    Whatever compound(s) you choose to run, I think if you’re mindful of all that stuff and keep it tight you’ll have a pretty good run.

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