Pharma tbol

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  • Do any sources here have verified pharma tbol? I’ve heard that a lot of “tbol” is actually just underdosed dbol, which I do no want.

  • Pharmaceutical grade Tbol hasn’t been produced since the 90’s, so you’re only option is to use UGL these days.

  • Only underground. There’s few sources out there with legit tbol just takes some searching

  • Tbol raws aren’t that much more expensive than dbol raws, why would a source risk their reputation just to make a couple extra dollars a pack? If it makes you feel better hunter has all of his product independently tested and pretty much all the source will reimburse for independent testing if you want to send stuff in yourself.

  • I don’t think pharma tbol is readily available anywhere anymore. And I’d be a little skeptical if someone said they had some.

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