Synergy Forge

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  • I placed my order with @“Synergy Forge” on 10/10. He responded very quickly and offered to ship my package out that day. I asked him if he could wait and ship it out on the following Monday instead, due to when I wanted it delivered.

    @“Synergy Forge” was very accommodating and held my package. He sent me the shipping label Monday, and my pack arrived on Friday, 10/18. Keep in mind Monday was a federal holiday!

    He was also very helpful in calming my nerves. My package was out for delivery, but then arrived back at the post office as ready for pick up. This freaked me out a bit (although I logically knew it was no issue). @“Synergy Forge” let me know that it happens sometimes when the package gets on the wrong truck, and that it would likely be delivered the next day. I ended up going into the post office to collect my package on Friday. Everything was perfect!

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