Pct bloods on southern compounding clomid ,nolva.

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    4 weeks in.

    Clomid 100mg wk 1 after 50mg
    Nolva 40mg wk1 after 20mg

    Second pct second cycle . Cycle length 7 months. I used HCG durring cycle, balls still have lost size . Can notice a big difference in size coming back around 28 days . Hcg has never kept my balls plump . But I guess it’s working idk.bloods look good but durring pct I didn’t want to go to the gym or get out of bed.

    The 7 months ,I used test,mast p,tren. Ended on about 1000mg test and 450mg tren
    Mast p was soco ,ran at 500mg and didn’t have to use any AI durring my 7 months .almost crashed AI running 500mg mast p with 750 and 1000mg test
    I got bloods before cycling and my natty test was 868.

    I don’t think I’m going to do a pct agian for awhile, as my actions need to meet my goals in the size and look I’m after .

  • Holy shit that LH is insanely high. You’re getting more than enough stimulation. I’d back off the dosage of clomid as it’s been researched that 25mg ED is sufficient. That’ll also reduce sides and have you feeling better. Also who’s HCG were you running?

  • I started my next cycle already . But I’ll try less next time . Was under the assumption length on = higher dosage .

    Hcg used throughout was prignly, lupi, soco. Never noticed anything different brand to brand . Maybe 250iu X2 a week isn’t enough .

  • Wait so when did you finish your PCT? And what’s your stats? I definitely recommend going with 500iu next time. What cycle are you running now.

  • 9/25

    Now ,I’m starting slow with 200mg test, dbol, anavar kick start . Been on for a month now . Plan on staying on now till end of summer 2020. Upping test as i go and Changing out compounds. Just added NPP, witch is new to me . Will run that for a bit then change it out for tren or dhb. and increase test as I go. Looking to reach upwards of 2000mg test by the end . Highest mMG test Iv ran to date is 1200mg. From 750 to 1000 I felt I went backwards, so diet needs to get better with more food consistently.

    I’ll try 500iu x2. Just gets costly . Mixed feelings at times to about if I should not bother if I’m just going to be pinning and not running pct’s and just trt . But I heard hcg /or keeping that axis working while on helps manage cholesterol. So it’s more for general health

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