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  • I know he has a great reputation around here. I want to iterate that it is not my intention to bash DO in this thread. However my experience trying to communicate with him has been very disappointing and needs to be shared.

    It’s been a week now of me trying to get a simple response to a question I’ve had with my latest order. I ordered some peptides - BPC-157 & TB-500, they came in unmarked vials, some had green tops, the rest had white. For a week now I’ve been trying to find out which is which. I’ve emailed him, no response. I created a thread on the forum here, again no response. I contacted him through Wickr. He replied to me there to my initial greeting and then went immediately dark as soon as I asked my question in regards to my order.

    Is he purposefully avoiding helping with my order? At this point, I have to assume that he can’t identify his own product, which is concerning. Customers really shouldn’t have to jump hoops like this to get some help especially after spending as much as we do.

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