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  • I’d ordered from 2 supposedly verified sources in the past. Both times it was test e and an ai. When my libido didn’t change after a week or so I was suspicious of whether there was any test at all. Naturally I received no results or benefits at all. So when I ordered from Pareto I was almost resigned that all that was out there was bunk. I’d heard all positives and no negatives about Pareto so I figured I’d give it a, shot,literally. I started at 250 mg test e and was super relieved, when, after only a few days I felt like a teenager in that one respect again. I don’t have bloods to prove it but I’d take the Pareto test over the pharmacy dilatestryl test e I get for trt easily. Plus, he responds to emails instantly and I literally, got my order next day. When it came it had $60 worth of free product from an order of one bottle of test e. He genuinely seems like a good guy. Thank you Pareto for restoring my faith.

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