Please rate/tweak my next cycle

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  • Edit: Oh btw my public insurance just sent me a letter telling me I’m fully covered for a gyno removal (yay Canada) so I don’t care about the bitch Tits during the cycle.

    Hey brothers,

    Long story short, 30 years old, been lifting most of my life pretty religiously and my past cycles look a bit like Test E @500mg/wk with some Deca. After some hardcore research and having everything on hand, please tell me your honest advices and opinions on this cycle. Goals are to get some lean mass, without being too harsh on hairs since I still got a lot but its beginning to receed. I know nandrolone is best for hair loss prone guys but you can’t use Finasteride with Deca so that’s it. Thanks !

    Stack November 2019

    Wk 1-16 Test E 500mg: 250mg E3D
    Wk 1-16 Primobolan E 300mg E3D
    Wk 8-13 Anavar 60mg ED 3780mg
    Wk 11-18 Proviron 25mg ED
    Week 17-18 Test Prop 150 EOD

    Wk 3-16 HCG 250IU 2X Week
    Wk 4-16 ADEX 0.5 E3D (estrogen)
    Wk 4-20 Finasteride 1mg/d (hair loss)

    Growth Hormones Sarms
    MK-677 15MG/DAY 7on/7off

    Liver Protect

    Start at 15-18 days after last Test E shot
    Clomid: 50/50/25/25/12.5 = 1140mg
    Nolvadex (Tamoxifen): 40/20/20/20/10 = 770mg
    Aromasin (Exemestane) : 12.5 EOD/ 12.5 EOD/ 6.75 EOD/ 6.75 EOD/

  • Primo doesn’t grow well, it’s not very anabolic. I’d suggest something like EQ since you’re not using deca. Anavar’s fine but I use it as a finish to a cut for fullness and likewise proviron is more of a look(finishing oral) and I don’t use it unless Im really lean - doesn’t help much with growth and it causes hairloss for some people, You could try adrol/dbol both are relatively less toxic compared to some of the gear offered on this board. Lastly i’d just bump test e to 600-700 for the entire duration if you’re just going to do that anyway for the last 2 weeks.

    as for growth - all the benefits are from prolonged use ; im not too sure how mk works, but if your gh/igf levels dip for a week then up again then there’s not really a point in running it.

    Those orals are relatively low impact you might not even need liver support - get blood work ~3rd week of use; would also help with estrogen protocol.

  • This should probably go without saying but make sure you aren’t crashing your estrogen taking an AI during PCT. Not sure if you have prior experience with that before, but I know for me it would go horribly. Everyone is different tho

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