EU: good items to buy in US on vacation?

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  • Flying to the US end of the month I’m looking for legal goods unavailable in EU / worth purchasing after tax etc. still. So far all I’ve got is:

    • Armaid & other fitness equipment not being sold here
    • Apple products (not sure if that’s still profitable)
    • supplements & meds like bronkaid & insulin seem risky
    • clothing (no idea what specifically)
  • Not sure on items to bring back… but there’s nothing more American than going to a gun range with automatic rentals and unloading a magazine in a few seconds. Stick to smaller calibers to save money but if you can splurge on a belt fed .308 or 50 cal you won’t regret it.

  • I take it you’re trying to buy stuff and flip it for a profit? In that case, I have extreme doubt you’ll be pulling a profit on things like insulin and other meds. You could check out Grabr, I’ve never used it but heard good things.

    I like sending American chocolate to my international friends as a gag gift.

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