Expired Gear from couple years ago

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  • I have a bunch of supplies (needles mostly), a few vials of test e, powdered HCG/bac water and some AI/PCT stuff like torem, arimidex left over from a cycle I did 2 years ago, should I toss all of this stuff out? Is it way past expired? I’ve kept them all in a cool place out of sunlight

    all this stuff is from sasquatch btw, minus the needles.

  • not sure on hcg/bac water, gear and pharmaceuticals usually last for quite awhile especially in the conditions you’ve stated,

  • Main concern of old gear is degradation of the vial stopper. mire kim kardashians ass all you’d like but trust you me you don’t want that rubber in your cheeks

    otherwise check that its not crashed (the oil sometimes evaporates over time causing the ingredient ratio to become skewed, light can fuck with preservatives, a string is so long, so on)

    no ‘dust’ in the vial (potential sign of bacterial growth, but highly unlikely if stored correctly, unopened and well brewed)

    bac water can hypothetically last “forever” in correct storage conditions

    worst case with the rest is probably diminished potency but if so, likely not much. Don’t be a cheapass keep backups nearby “just in case”

    Long story short: should be fine bro

  • I miss that hairy fucker.

  • A few years past expiration for the gear should be fine. I used some omnadren amps that expired in 2007 last year and my test levels were great.

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