Training talk - how do you organize your split?

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  • I’ve been thinking it would be cool to get some regular conversation around training on this board since there are so many knowledgeable people here. I’ll kick off with this thread.

    Current Training Goals
    I am currently sitting at 6’1 200, on my first Test 500mg/wk cycle (though I have been on TRT for 3 years now). I am three weeks in, trying to eat to gain some mass during the winter. I am primarily training BJJ with weights as a supplement to that to prevent injury, but secondary to that I’m looking for strength and aesthetics.

    Training History
    I’ve been lifting for about six years, I’d say 80% of that time running some kind of 5/3/1. For the last couple of years I’ve only been lifting twice a week, trying to maintain. Lifts are (estimated 1RM as of last week) 415/275/530.

    I am currently set up to lift five days per week and train BJJ four days. I run a combo of 5/3/1 and a PPL I built from John Meadows’ “short on time” video series. 5/3/1 is where I really look to push my main lifts. The PPL is to dig into the BB stuff while I’m on this bulk. Since I am only 2 days per week on 5/3/1 the progression is very slow. This is fine as I push volume via extra sets, or rest depending on how beat up I am from BJJ.

    My week looks like this:

    Monday -
    Chest/Shoulders/Triceps - all bro/pump work. 30 sets total split between the three.

    Back/Biceps - more pump work. 21 sets split between the two.

    Legs - Pump work - 22 sets. This workout usually has me practically crawling out of the gym.

    BJJ (hard training day)

    5/3/1 BBB - Squat/Bench. 6-10 sets 5/3/1, 5 sets BBB, 50-100 reps assistance work for each PPL

    I run one lift as 5/3/1 and the other as BBB, alternating. I have been adding PR sets to the 5/3/1 lift. I run 5’s pro for all 5/3/1 as well. Training maxes are such that I can hit at least 10 on the 1’s week, so well under my max. I also hit a few extra sets of my top set. BBB lifts are done slowly for maximum mind-muscle, with all the cues I can come up with to really activate the muscles.

    For assistance I will hit between 25-50 pull ups, at least 50 face pulls, 50-100 dips, and 50-100 ab cable crunch, rollouts, or leg raises (ugh).

    5/3/1 BBB - Dead/Press
    Same comments as Friday

    Sunday - off

  • I’m bodybuilding and have been messing with high frequency for a while and my body got use to it so now I’m back on one time a week and love it.
    My current split is: Quads/abs, chest/calves, back/abs, hamstring/glute/calves, shoulders/abs, arms/calves, off day

    I get to demolish each muscle group and recover for 6-7 days I give this 4 more weeks and I’ll have to switch again.

  • What did your HF split look like?

  • [quote=“EnjoyYourSymptom” pid=‘74509’ dateline=‘1573478270’]
    What did your HF split look like?

    I do smth like this:
    M: Pecs + BIceps + Abs
    T: Back + Triceps
    W: Rest
    T: Shoulders + Traps + Abs
    W: Legs
    S: Rest
    S: Rest like in this articles

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