Shelf life

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  • Hey guys. I got my gear in October but I haven’t been able to use it yet due to life stuff (on trt and I need one more blood test before going at it and i just became a dad!).

    How long is an unopened vial of T good for? I don’t plan on waiting too long… Should be able to start in December. (Also curious because I’ve thought about stocking up)

    Also wondering how long an open vial is good for?

    My trt vials are all 1ml sizes so they never hang around long.

    thanks guys!

  • Hey man congrats on fatherhood!

    That aside, if brewed well and stored in good conditions, an unopened vial of Test can keep for years

    An opened one should also be good for some time, but you have more risk of contamination.

    In both cases, check that there is no dust, crystals, or other oddities in your vials. The main concern over time is degradation of the rubber stoppers or gear crashing from oil evaporation.

    Neither of these things should occur from a few months in age (ie October -> December)

  • If unopened, it’d be good for a couple years.

    If opened, will likely still be just fine, but double shock that there aren’t any weird particles in the solution.

  • The ‘gold standard’ I’ve always heard is two years, +/- for specific conditions, obviously.

  • Thank you guys!

  • Stuff is good for years as stated above and generally speaking it doesn’t go “bad” it loses potency.

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