LnL Received, as usual, great product and packing

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  • 11/12//19
    Just received my LnL pack. Took about two weeks from order to delivery. Not bad at all. Yes, communication is slow. You may send BTC and not get a reply for 48 hours or more. I imagine their business spikes like crazy at times and they have a limited team to manage it. I’ve ordered a dozen times from them and not had a single issue. It’s hard to do but R-E-L-A-X. Be patient and hold tight. You’re in good hands.

    HGH is legit. I had to dial back from 7IU to 4IU a day. 7 was too much.

    Quality packing, great prices, trusted source for many years and great products. If those qualities are important, and you’re OK with a couple day turn on communication, this is your source. I won’t use anyone else.

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